Wolf Parker

by Fabian Toonen

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Wolf Parker is a story album of a farmer dispossessed of his domain, stock and way of life. The musical compositions describe the rural landscapes and emotional regression of Wolf Parker's struggle to adapt to a foreign society. Expressing the thoughts and feelings of Wolf Parker in an expansive tenor, the lyrics accompany the music with shy storytelling, hopeful of communicating inabilities and failures.
Waltzing through multiple time signatures, tense instrumental contemplations and romanticised poetry, delivered with stark honesty, Wolf Parker's story suggests contemporary issues of displacement, loss, depression and loneliness, all tied in an uniquely Australian genre of farming culture, alcoholic camaraderie and serene bush balladry. A genuine Australian tale resurrected from the remnant mumblings of a displaced farmer haunting bar stools with his sad tale.


released June 4, 2015

Composed by Fabian Toonen
Performed by Fabian Toonen, Andrew Macrae, Fee Klauser, Adam Casey
Recorded and Mixed by Adam Casey @ The True Vine, Melbourne 2014
Mastered by Adam Dempsey @ Jack the Bear's Deluxe Mastering 2014



all rights reserved


Fabian Toonen Melbourne, Australia

Fabian Toonen is a composer based in Melbourne, Australia.
He composes story albums representative of Australian folk culture.

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Track Name: Hard Man
The unforgiving sun bakes my calloused hands
Barb wire cracked and red dust rendered
The ravens gasp at my evaporating eyes
Droving long days on my cattle biting steed

An emaciated calf green-hide by sunrise
Like the jerky that I chew thoughtlessly
The wedgies circle while Champ harasses the herd
Over red rock and spinifex plains

I'm a hard man, in a desert land
Oblivious to pain in this harsh terrain
I'm a hard man droving my herd
Through sun dusty days, there's no other way
Track Name: Lament
Oh for my cattle and droving days
On my steed Champ through the dry burning haze
Train talking men came and bought all my land
Threw me in a ditch, shooting my cattle in the sand

Old Champ rode off, they left me with a case
A million for my land to comfort my dying days
So I choked in old rusty and drove across the plains
Following the horizon wherever it would stray

Gone are my herd!
Abandoned by my steed!
Track Name: Fortunate Drinker
Dust rollicking roads of spinifex and sand
Toward the horizon past flat salty pans
Sea sick birds crust across the skies
Salt white bellied with pink wings in flight

A mirage of mind and matter sets like the sun
Settlements dust haze habited linger eagerly on
As the rust horse splutters seaward upon a town
Dust brick and corrugation corrupt the ancient ground

My life was the farm, my wife yet to be found
I'm a fortunate drinker when I hit the town
Track Name: Bottomless Pint
A bottomless pint for me and everyone
Looking for a way to escape the burning sun
Evening is approaching so we'll sink another one
That's how it is when Wolf hits the town

Installed upon a stool, barflies buzz by
Hassling for a drink to comfort their lonesome sigh
The barmaid eyes the trough lest it should go dry
Drown a sack of sorrows with a draft of malten fire

A bottomless pint and we'll sing another night

We'll drink a train while the sun comes up again
To the barmaids delight, a bottomless pint
Track Name: Small Town
They don't trust a man with holes in his jeans
A rusty four wheel drive and a suitcase full of greens
They're never too kind unless you're buying all the drinks
In a small town paranoia of barnacle queens

No I'm not one of them, I don't snigger as I smile
I'm just a simple farmer come to drink for a while
I've no choice, I've lost all my land to a miners grasping hands

It's a small town
Track Name: Beer or Wife
All these women! What do they want?
I've bought them drinks yet they linger on
The men get jealous so I buy them another round
The women get excited by the coins that fall to the ground
Connie the barmaid drafts another pint

If you keep dropping money they'll hang around all night
What you need is a woman or a wife
There's no good in drinking away your life
Run away with me now before they start a fight

For a beer, For a wife
For my farm and my old way of life
Track Name: Pub Closed
Pub closed walking to old rusty to sleep
Mob of roughnecks circle around, cowardly they creep
I crushed one's face, his head exploded on the road
I grabbed a gun from another one and began to unload

Drink another round, drink another round
While we're in town we'll drink another round

They lay silent like my cattle bleeding on the ground
Connie came out to see what butchery had gone down
“We better get out before the law comes around”
So we loaded old rusty with booze enough and drove well out of town

Rusty choked and spluttered while Connie cracked a couple of cans
We drove past the settlements into the vast red sands
The moon was howling in the breeze, blood red and bound
Wordlessly we struck the hills and drank another round
Track Name: Desert Sands
Morning dust dry and hot, watering my tongue
Thoughts come back of last night and how we came to run
Connie bird stirs nearby her hair red with dust
Outlawed by society all morals begin to rust

Chewing jerky while a kangaroo dries on the roof
The beers warm and we already drank the eighty proof
The sun sets into my farmer skin like before this all began
On the distant plains we'll disappear amongst the desert sands

All who stray can't expect to survive in this land
What's yours will be mine in the desert sands
Men will take either by law or underhand
What's yours will be mine in the desert sands